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What We Do

Specializes in sourcing the Best Home Decor, Furniture, Garments and Accessories

Product design & development

Quality assurance & Inspections

Ethical & Technical compliance

Order management & Execution

Media & Packaging management

Logistics & Delivery support

Speed & Innovation

When it comes to services, we believe in speed & innovation with a commitment to deliver highest quality with consistency!

With our constant efforts, we have delivered better lead times & highest quality product to our buyers. Thanks to DK's strict grab on inspections & factory compliance, all our shipments pass inspections on the first go saving our buyer's valuable time & assurance of finest quality.

Factories are our home

Our supplier are our strategic partners. We choose our suppliers by rigorous assessments & strict audits. Our quality inspectors are stationed at factories of all our major manufacturing partners to ensure that highest level of quality & compliance is maintained.

With constant presence in factories & collaboration with production teams, we have been able to improve their production planning & execution process. We follow a smart sample development approach which has helped us to bring down the product development time drastically by bringing down the sample lead times from weeks to days.

Scope of our services

Our services are suitable for all types of businesses, whether you are importer or a multi chain store.

From a comprehensive strategic sourcing partnership to pre-shipment inspections only, we consistently deliver highest quality of services tailor made to your needs.

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